22 May 2007

Shelly Kneupper Tucker

Shelly of This Eclectic Life is a beautiful story teller who occasionally likes to drop by and leave a thought or two which is very much appreciated.

She confesses that "I collect hats, which hang on my walls collecting dust. I have a hoard of “hands,” books, antique fans, spinning wheels, musical instruments, toys, antique tools, masks. I’m a recovering packrat. That’s a lie. I would like to be recovering." which means that her home must look a little like this

Shelly has a wish list of things to do and see. The least I can do is give her some visuals on a few of them>

Kiss The Blarney Stone

Build a house for Habitat for Humanity.

Stand in a field filled with Monarch butterflies, just to feel the magic.

All you need to do for this one is follow the directions on This Page and some October you will be in Pacific Grove, staying at Asilomar and walking to the Monarch Butterfly sanctuary where you can dance in a cloud of gold and black.

You will have to go to her website to read the whole intriguing and delightful list of things to do someday. In the meantime, here is an audience that should have had a Shelly in it.

The Globe Theater in London


This Eclectic Life said...

Jamie, thank you so much. You'll be having me wearing my tartan all day tomorrow. Wouldn't you know it's a "loud MacLeod?"

You are so totally cool to put this together. It brought tears to my eyes. The best part, is that you read the stuff I hid in the back pages. The horrible part, though, is that you have guessed what my house looks like! LOL
Thanks again, "Sister"

Linda said...

Great post! You do such a good job with these things!