02 May 2007

Thursday Thirteen #4

As anyone in my family will attest, I never wear shoes unless going out in public and even then if it is a short trip, why bother.

Thirteen reasons to go barefoot:

1. Feet can be washed rather than shined.

2. Toes wiggle better

3. Nothing pinches your feet

4. Look! Do your toenails need cutting?

5. High heels hurt your back

6. Good shoes are too darn expensive

7. It's too hard to say Manolo Blahnik

8. Animals have to be killed to get leather.

9. Bare Feet force you to actually look at the world, if only to avoid broken glass.

10. You probably will never get corns

11. Being barefoot makes you feel young.

12. Your feet won't sweat

13. If God had meant us to wear shoes there would be Gucci "Gs" stamped on our ankle bones.


LLD said...

I love going bare foot!

Those are some fun pictures...the sand looks so warm and cozy.

Tilly Greene said...

Life is always good when the toes can flap freely. Don't put the feet in prison...let them be free :-)

Personally, I'm a thong wearer, freaks the cutie out that I don't make a sound when walking in them...its a skill!

Lori said...

I only like it in the sand:)

Laura said...

This is a terrific list! I need to study up with lists like this for my future TTs. Thanks for your sweet comment! Happy Thursday to you as well!

Sadie said...

Oh my, I cannot STAND to be barefoot. Even at home. I have to have something on my feet, and not just socks.

Oh, I'm getting the willies just thinking about it! ;)

she said...

LOL @ #13!

I too spend most of my time barefoot. If I could get away with it, I'd never wear shoes again! Of course, that'd mean my feet would freeze and fall off in winter if I actually did it *sigh*

Linda said...

Growing up, my father never let us go barefoot so I have a tough time of it as an adult. The bottoms of my feet are way too tender and I end up walking like a cripple! But this was a great list and lots of great reasons to go shoe-less!

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

oooh - i can relate. i go sans shoes WHENEVER possible. i'll even kick off my shoes at a blacktie event. i get weird looks but heck - what are they gonna do - send over the shoe police?

pussreboots said...

Since I started telecommuting I've been going barefoot a lot more than I used too.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed that TT - I am a barefooter in the summer too - can't do it this time of the year, but as soon as it warms up the shoes and socks come off!

My favourite thing is to mow the lawn with bare feet (I know I shouldn't but..) I just love the feel of it on my toes :-)

MommyBa said...

I love walking around the house barefoot. :) I love it when my feet can breathe and just be free.

Happy Thursday!

Travis said...

I wish I could still go barefoot. But when I'm home I wear mocs, and I never go outside without shoes.

Marcia said...

I went barefoot as much as possible in FL, followed by thongs and sandals, but in WA I just about live in my hiking boots - too cold for bare feet most of the year -- but it's worth it, although I do miss going barefoot.