16 May 2007

Thank You for Stopping By

On Meme days we all get a lot of visitors. In between times, people may wander through, but often don't comment, and I must confess that I often do the same: Just read my favorites and click away. I'm trying to be better and at the very least saying "hi!" in passing so they know someone thought their words were important enough to read without being anonymous.

So here are some presents for the most recent visitors who took the time to say hello. I tried to pick videos that in someway matched the profiles from their blogs.

I hope you like them as this will become a semi-regular feature for all the lovely people who come calling.

Robyn (For everyone with a gypsy in their soul)

Danielle (Jazz, piano, and an unforgetable voice)

Shelly ( I thought a Texan word lover would enjoy some other southern word lovers.)


Danielle said...

How sweet you are, I have not heard that one from Nina Simone, a pure treat.

All I can say is Gloriously Divine, my new found friend.

This Eclectic Life said...

That's the best "award" I've ever gotten. Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson are my heroes! Well, two of them anyway lol. Thank you, Jamie. But, I'll still bug you to comment. And, thanks for the info on arthritis. I put off the manicure because my hands hurt, so I'm about to go try that. Could it be all the typing? Should I shut up? LOL Don't answer!

Steven said...

I often read through and don't stop to say hello either. I'm with you in committing to being better about this.

Robin - Erithacus rubecula said...

I love this! I feel so special! I have to tell you so many people try to get me to settle down and stay in one place so I just LOVE this song....thank you thank you thank you....mmmmmwwwwwwwwaaaaah!

PS this is a great idea and I too am going to be better at stopping long enough to say hi and read properly.

Robin - Erithacus rubecula said...

Forgot to say I love the Willie Nelson song tooo....The Highwayman..Willie AND the GOd Johnny..what a posting!!!!

The Rock Chick said...

what an awesome idea as a tribute to your readers!!!!! I just love this! Even wish I thought of it myself! :)

Marcia said...

Great way of thanking everyone. A way for everyone to enjoy and I am enjoying, too.

Linda said...

I try to always leave a comment but lately it seems I've been horrible at even managing to visit all the blogs I like to read! This is really a great idea you have here.

Crazy Working Mom said...

"hi" and thanks for dropping by!