20 November 2007

1968 The Year That Changed A Generation

On the Heels of 1968 In America by Charles Kaiser, 1968, The Year That Rocked The World by Mark Kurlansky, the Newsweek currently on the stand has a great almost Pop Art cover about 1968 titled 1968: The Year That Changed Everything.

For several years, I have referred to '68 as "The Year America Died", so the Newsweek was a "must grab" on the way out of the checkstand. In the issue is an excerpt from Tom Brokaw's Boom about the generation that seems to take itself a little too seriously and be a little too self-referential from it's arrival until now when we are becoming seniors.

It has almost seemed that you could draw a hard bright line through 1968 and there was the uncrowded, mostly safe, hopeful, generous, changing for the better America and the drug ridden, rampant crime, politically divisive new America to the point that you almost can't explain to your children just how different it was. The assassination of John Kennedy in 1963 had started us down a hard road and the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King in 1968 put the "it ends here" stamp on the country.

"We will never laugh again." Mary McGrory told Daniel Patrick Moynihan. "No Mary." said Moynihan. "We will laugh again, but we will never be young again."

When we arrived on the scene there were a little over two billion people in the world. When we depart there is likely to be seven billion plus. So for you boomers out there, before we depart probably with almost as much fanfare as we arrived, how do we fix what seems to have been broken? What kind of world do you want to pass on to your children and grandchildren and how do we make it happen?


BBC said...

Well, I think that we are looking at the end days of mankind, he just isn't going to wise up in time.

And things have sure gone down hill since Bush got in office. I think that America will fail within the next ten years, and deserves to.

Have a nice Thanksgiving. Hugs.

Corey a.k.a Shanky said...

Sad video , Jamie. And to think that's only a handful of the great men who have been killed while they were trying to make this world a better place.

BBC said...

Something I find interesting. A lot of folks think that doing a little recycling makes them ecologists.

But their spending habits are what is really hard on the planet as everything they buy requires some pollution to make it, sometimes a whole lot of pollution.

Matt-Man said...

Great post Jamie...And very good questions that need to be answered as quickly as possible. Cheers!!

the teach said...

Yes, Jamie, 1968...King was assassinated, Robert Kennedy, too. I certainly lived through it. I have to get Brokaw's book. Thanks for the post!

BBC said...

Tora Energy

They are marketing an interesting roof top windmill.

Jamie said...

Coming back to this after nine years and I just did another blog on Population, Climate Change and Environmental destruction with Crowded, Angry, and Dangerous https://jamiesplace.wordpress.com/2017/11/05/crowded-angry-and-dangerous/