23 November 2007

Putting Words In A Mouth

Now that Thanksgiving is past and you are feeling suitably full, please take the time to improve your vocabulary while feeding the poor.

They give you a word and four possible definitions. Every correct answer means 12 grains of rice. So have a good time, get smarter, and help feed others through FREE RICE


Linda said...

Some of those words are tough but I managed to donate 300 grains of rice which I guess is better than nothing, right?

I love things that make me think and challenge my brain a bit!

This Eclectic Life said...

Wow! I only donated 200 grains of rice...that's not much more than a spoonful is it? So, can I steal this and post about it...while giving you credit for finding it??

Jamie said...

The more people who come, the better they like it.

Madeleine said...

Love the game! In fact, I'm addicted to it. :)
Mad Kane