12 June 2008

New Book Meme

Keith Marshall of Zen Mischief has tagged me with a book meme. Stop by and say hello to Keith and then feel free to steal the meme if you like it.

One book that changed your life:

The Bumper Book by Watty Piper. This was literally the first book I ever read by myself. The original is now out of print, but the hardcover can still be found. It opened a world of color, rhyme, and short stories that led to a lifetime of love of books.

One book that you have read more than once:

James Michener, Hawaii - This was the first of the great Michener historical novels that I read and absolutely fell in love with the whole sweep of time from the formation of the Islands to all the stories up to the modern era. This genre is still my favorite: The well researched historical novel written by a great author and filled with true to life characters based in reality (Spare me the romantic bodice rippers!!!).

One book that you would want on a desert island:

Anthony Powell, Dance To The Music of Time. This book (or rather four books for four seasons) just made the desert island list. For years I had been promising myself I would read it. That finally happened and it is going to be one of those go back often books. Then the old standby that must float up on the desolate sands: The Collected Works of Shakespeare.

One book that made you laugh:

Douglas Adams; Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. Do not read this book in public. People will assume you are totally certifiable. You start to giggle just thinking about reading it, much less actually opening the book. This was the book that really hooked me on British humor and howls of laughter later (Thank you Monty Python), I am still addicted.

One book that made you cry:

Helene Hanff, 84 Charing Cross Road To this day when I think about the line, "The blessed man who sold me all my books died a few months ago." things get a little damp. It is that connection that only happens between people who genuinely love to read and share the very real joy of holding a wonderful book in your hands.

One book you can’t read:

Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time It's right up there on my bookcase. It is the work of a genius. I know, I know ... someday.

One book you wish you'd written:

Almost anything by David McCullough, Doris Kearns Goodwin, or Shelby Foote. We are blessed now to have historians who are great story tellers. I would love to have written even one of their books.

One book you wish had never been written:

This one I left just as Keith wrote it. "Not sure I think any book shouldn’t exist (that's a variant of free speech), but if I really had to choose I’d pick two books: the Bible and the Koran; they’ve done more damage in the world than possibly all other books put together."

One book you're reading:

Robert Hughes, The Fatal Shore. I've been working on my genealogy and have a branch that ended up in New Zealand and Australia. This was being read for background and now the genealogy is temporarily forgotten while enjoying book.

One book you're going to read:

This list is far too long to even begin. I'll just go to my Amazon Wish List and click on whatever's next. Unfortunately, this list gets added to faster than I can make a dent.


Ivanhoe said...

This is very intelectual meme. I'm not sure I could answer all of the questions :o) In addition to Bible & Koran, I would also say that Mein Kumpf by A. Hitler should have never been written.
Have a great weekend!

Linda said...

Ah yes, Douglas Adams - did you read the other books? A friend of mine from California had recommended them to me and you're right, too funny! I love the British sense of humor and have been a Monty Python fan since high school!

Matter of fact, I was hoping to attend the Ministry of Silly Walks but couldn't pass the entrance exam!

maryt/theteach said...

We have similar tastes in reading, Jamie. 84 Charing Cross Road - excellent! I'm more of a fiction reader though! I'd get rid of the Bible and the Koran too! They would come with me to a desert island but Shakespeare would!

Travis Cody said...

I'm gonna swipe this meme and put it in my queue.

And my answer to the question about books that should never have been written would be the same.