29 June 2008

Pride - Manic Monday

The human race is challenged more than ever before to demonstrate our mastery - not over nature but of ourselves”
Rachel Carson

Last year for the Fourth of July I did the ultimate patriotic musical, 1776. Watching this movie is our family tradition for the holiday. This year pride means something different than the holiday. It is "Pride goeth before fall", Pride as one of the seven deadly sins, and the animals of the planet including the prides of lions whose habitat is being destroyed mile after mile by the one creature that can alter its environment for the worse.

How many of the species that existed when that wonderful document was signed are now gone forever? How many are we close to losing? How many of the pristine seas, lakes and rivers explored by the founders are now polluted with the waste of mankind? How much of the once clear air is now filled with choking chemicals and by products? Can we in all honesty still sing these lines from Katherine Bates poem: America The Beautiful

O beautiful for halcyon skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the enameled plain!
America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
Till souls wax fair as earth and air
And music-hearted sea!

In 1776 the population of the country was 2.5 million. It is now over 300 million. The world population was 978 million. It is now 7 billion and will be 9 billion in 40 years. Dominion does not grant the right of destruction. Think of the miracle of the earth, the beauty that still exists, the amazing diversity and wonder of creation, and the circle of life of which we are all a part. Preserving that would be a matter of real pride.

Ten years ago there were 100,000 in the wild. Now there are approximately 30,000. Unless we change, there may be only one way to see a pride and a Lion King.


Mo said...

Does the 1776 population count include Native Americans? Because frankly I was surprised that it was over a million.

Great post!

Jamie said...

Yes. That includes the whole of what is now the U.S. not just the original colonies. Remember there were also large Spanish, British and French colonies dating from the 1500s as well as the indiginous people.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

We will destroy the earth. We just destroy everything. It has always been so. Have a great MM. :)

onangelwings said...

Great MM...btw..would love to take my kids to see The Lion King after seeing that clip.

Neila said...

Very well said! I wish everyone would take the time to reflect on how their actions affect the earth.

And I love your Lion King clip. We have tickets to see it this fall when it comes through Kansas City. I can't wait!

anthonynorth said...

This is a powerful post, and very close to my heart. If we think how long ago Carson wrote 'The Silent Spring', it shows how little we've actually done.

the teach said...

Jamie, I love the different ways you defined the word "pride." I was going to do a negative take "hubris" but decided against it. Your's is a warning to us all! Good MM to you!

Ivanhoe said...

Ohhh the Lion King... I have yet to see it. I hope that people will wake up - change is in order. Have a great Monday!

Matt-Man said...

Ha. Great use on the word Jamie. Cheers!!

WillThink4Wine said...

A powerful and interesting post! After reading it I couldn't help but think of Sarge's post yesterday on George Carlin. George said humankind is so arrogant as to think that we could destroy or save the earth or anything on it. The planet has existed for millions of years and many species have come and gone the way of extinction. What makes humans think that humankind will not be on that list one day?

Travis said...

I don't think it's arrogant to believe in conservation, or to try and protect a wetlands habitat, or to applaud a company that tries to curtail clear cutting and re-forest areas that can be re-harvested in 20 or 30 years. I call that responsible.

Why should we use up all our natural resources? Just because we can? Must it be all for me and you go find your own? There's some arrogance.

Great post Jamie!

Mariposa said...

Well said! I'm running late, I know...

Have a nice week!

Linda said...

Having just spent a very crowded weekend in New York City and being elbow to elbow with way more people than I normally like, I have to say that I think I would have liked it better in 1776 when there were so many fewer people.

As for plays, I will take "1776" anytime over "The Lion King" which I have just never had the desire to see. I've seen "1776" twice on Broadway and would be more than happy to see it again should it ever come back around. I think it should be required watching in all history classes because at least then students would have some idea of our country's history and the trials and tribulations that came about during its formation.

"Pins, John."