21 July 2008


If you spend a great deal of your life as a writer, editor, or just very dedicated reader, you usually love words. English is a phenominal language simply because it never stops growing. Now that it is a totally international language it borrows from all the languages or the world. In addition, English speakers tend to invent words to suit circumstances, newly developed professions, or simply the languages of the street in the form of slang.

Some of the new words disappear as a fad that becomes passe. Some eventually get accepted into the formal language and grace the pages of Oxford or Webster. There are people whose whole career is keeping track of new words as they appear, recording the number of times it is used in music or print media, and deciding when it has become "official" or is ready to disappear rarely to be heard again.

Now courtesy of the Internet there is a place where you can catch up on what is new on the street. Fair warning some of the definitions are quite graphic if you go prowling around. URBAN DICTIONARY

As it happens, "Mooselick" is not, and none of us will have trouble putting a mental picture with the word. Someday, you may see it in your newest dictionary.

1. Mooselick

The act of licking someone, usually their face, with tongue flattenned out in order to cover as much surface as possible in a sweeping motion. The subject, or "victim" ends up feeling - and looking, if your tongue is moist enough - like they just got licked by a large moose.

Best done when everyone has been drinking. Also should be announced beforehand if done as a game.

Example of usage: "Hey, Bill just mooselicked Joe when he was too drunk to resist!! Gross!!"


Anonymous said...

That video cracks me up!

moose lick... ewwwww!
Happy Manic Monday!

Sarge Charlie said...

Gross is the word

maryt/theteach said...

Never heard the term, Jamie, but I like it and it's funny! :)

anthonynorth said...

Oh, yes. Funny.
I love the English language, and I think it's so successful because it doesn't actually exist. I doubt if there is a single word that didn't, originally, come from somewhere else.

Unknown said...

Well what clever terminology. I will use it from this point forth. Hahaha Happy MM *smoochies*

Travis Cody said...

If there isn't a town called Moose Lick, there should be.

Anonymous said...

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frizzyeatworld said...

I have seen grosser terms in the Urban Dictionary, but this one definitely makes the list. Haha

Hope everyone is having a great week so far...