27 March 2009

Little Things Mean A Lot

Lately I've been fascinated by one person or small groups of people working together in their own communities to make things better for their surroundings and in the process making things better for all. A few posts ago, I told you about Colorado Bob in Lubbock, Texas. Another gentleman, Whiskey Jack is taking on a beautification project. By clicking on his name you can find links to all sorts of growing projects from sidewalk flowers to whole community farms.

It is easy to say, "But what can one person do?". All alone, they might have a hard time, but for about $25.00 and a filled out form filed at City Hall, you can become a community organizer with your own project. If you want to get dramatic, you can even file with Uncle Sam for a 501 C (3) as a non profit.

You can say, "I don't have the money". Maybe not, but 100 people visiting your "Fundable" page with a few dollars to Paypal can provide the cash you need for just about any project you envision. All you have to do is get the word out that it is a safe place to send cash, as it exists for just this type of small goal. If the amount isn't collected, their money never leaves their account. You could send an email or post on your blog and here comes the cash, to do something good.

So for this "Only The Good Friday" - Go grow something pretty or think big and feed a nation one empty lot at a time.


This Eclectic Life said...

Jamie, that is a VERY good Friday link! Thank you for taking us to these wonderful gardeners supporting so many ideas. They are giving me inspiration (and hope ... lol).

Linda said...

This is good - very, very good. More communities need people who do things rather than just complain about them.

Awhile back, the residents of one street area here in Norwich got together and decided to beautify their part of the neighborhood and they did a great job. Too bad more neighborhoods don't do that sort of thing.

carol g said...

You always make me sit back and contemplate (which is sometimes more difficult than thinking). Thank you for a GOOD FRIDAY thinking about what I can do.

Anonymous said...

Way to get your social responsibility good on, Jaimie! I love this!

maryt/theteach said...

Yours is the second post I've read about Only the Good Fridays, Jamie. It's a good idea! :)