22 March 2009

Manic Monday - Wet

Confession time. I LOVE being wet. Maybe it is that Pisces thing, but take me too far from water and the whole system goes into protest. All the rest of you can have the sunshine. That stuff is only good if you are in the ocean, in a river, in a pool, in a hot tub, or splashing in the small pond of a desert oasis. You can have some sun baked isle. Give me a rain forest. As a child my reaction to heat was even more extreme. In the era before real air conditioning other than a swamp cooler, I was known to take to the bathtub and not exit before nightfall. If there is lightening, I'm at the window waiting for the cloudburst and watching the show.

While I was in DC, I found out that they close apartment swimming pools in the winter - What sort of vicious plot is this, letting a little thing like snow on the roof interfere with floating bodies? Luckily the city has a rather pleasant river called the Potomac for visitation if not swimming purposes. One year a big musical did its pre-Broadway tryouts at the Kennedy Center which has a nice river view, and nothing could keep me away from a show with two different ways to get wet!

River In The Rain from Big River

Just hunting for the above, led me through all of the "rain" songs on You Tube, and here is my absolute favorite:

Rainy Days and Mondays - Paul Williams

You can imagine how many windy, stormy, foggy, and misty musical opportunities there were on You Tube. So do you have a favorite "wet" song?


anthonynorth said...

I used to love wet - in swimming pools all the time. And now I'm singing in the rain ...

Anonymous said...

It's not a rain song, but a wet song -- I love the gospel tune "Wade in the Water"

Linda said...

Well, gee, if I were Mo I guess I'd say "It's Raining Men" by the Weather Girls but for me, I've always been fond of "Take Me to the River" by The Talking Heads.

By the by, I saw Big River when I was on vacation down in Virginia doing a battlefield tour with my cousin one year. It was at a small dinner theater and they did a great job!

maryt/theteach said...

Jamie, I don't know if I have a favorite "Wet" song but I do know I love the surf and big waves. If I am in the sun I must be near water to jump in and cool off! :)

Tink *~*~* said...

Wow, now you have all these "rain" songs going through my head - It's Raining Men, Halleluija!" LOL

It looks like a cloud came down from the sky to hang out for a while.

Tink *~*~*

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Marilyn said...

I miss the big Kansas thunder storms. I don't miss wondering if we'll have to take shelter from a tornado though. I like heat more than water, I guess.

Travis said...

I can take or leave being wet. I don't swim, so I'm careful around large bodies of water though.