08 March 2009

To Important To Miss

Today is International Women's Day. One of my favorite bloggers, Claire of A little Piece of Me, has written a wonderful piece about her experiences in training to be a counselor and the choice to make change in your own life.

Anyone who has experienced violence in their own lives or that of a loved one, know the destructiveness that can be passed down through generations and totally color the way we feel about others and ourselves. There comes a time when you must say "STOP, This will not happen again." It sometimes comes to late to prevent the loss of an important person in our lives. It is never too late to prevent passing the violence along.

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Travis said...

My biological father's father was an abusive man. My father broke that cycle, although he continued to perpetuate the emotional aspect of abuse.

We were lucky to get away from that when we were still young. And the women in my life did a great job of teaching me that I didn't have to become my father.