08 March 2009

Manic Monday - Full

Another Manic Monday rolls around and for the first time, Mo's logo simply didn't match in any way the first thoughts to go leaping across the brain. Instead of full as in the top of a glass, I thought of full as in complete which immediately brought to mind one of my favorite poems within the plays of Shakespeare.

Full Fathom Five
from The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Full fathom five thy father lies;
Of his bones are coral made;
Those are pearls that were his eyes;
Nothing of him that does fade,
But doth suffer a sea-change
Into something rich and strange.
Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell:
Hark! Now I hear them – Ding-dong, bell.

Now I could have wandered off into Sylvia Plath's poem by the same name that borrows from the images, but that is way too depressing being all about parental death and suicide. If you like that sort of thing, go read Plath. I'll avoid her as much as possible. So let's go elsewhere.

For a long time, pop song writers have stolen classical themes and turned them into songs. You can find a pretty complete list here. I have many favorites including "Moonlight Love"" from Debussy's Claire de Lune that has now been rediscovered by a host of fans courtesy of the movie Twilight. Then there is "Stranger in Paradise" in the Broadway musical Kismet - based on a theme from Alexander Borodin's Polovtsian Dances.

The popular song that fits with today's theme is another favorite that became a big hit for Frank Sinatra, Full Moon and Empty Arms based on the melody from Rachmaninoff's Second Piano Concerto


anthonynorth said...

Plath's life was so tragic - unlike Frank's voice.

Travis said...

Can't do much better than to pair a classic with another classic.

I signed Mr Linky but my post won't be up until after midnight.

Mo said...

Another great post, Jamie.
I wouldn't have thought of full fathom five, but it is perfect!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Mo...perfect!

Linda said...

Nothing like a little Frank Sinatra on a rainy Monday morning - such a voice he had!

It's nice that newer movies, like "Twilight", bring an awareness of the classics to people who might not have heard of them otherwise - or not paid any attention to them had they heard of them! They just don't make composers like they used to.

Mags said...

I've never read The Tempest. After reading this passage, I think I just might have to find myself a copy.

carol g said...

I very vaguely remember The Tempest from 10th grade English class... Another great post. I didn't take the extra time this week to come up with a Manic Monday post. SHAME ON ME!!

Jamie said...

My apologies to all for not making rounds today. Lost infected tooth, messed up throat ... spoiling myself in bed. Enjoy the day.

Tink *~*~* said...

Thank you so much! Rach No. 2 has always been a fave of mine.

Tink *~*~*
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BBC said...

And the weather in Port Angeles today pretty much sucks. Not that I should complain, we have had some nice winter days, but I like to complain.

Yup, I was born to bitch :-)

This Eclectic Life said...

Thank you for not sharing Sylvia Plath (lol). But, I'm tempted to scream, "Frankie!" I guess I'll have to get out my Sinatra cd this morning.