11 March 2009

Matinee Idol?

In case you missed the news, there is a newly rediscovered painting that may very well be William Shakespeare, painted from life about 1610.

Here is the full news video and well worth watching


We know that while he may have started life as a disgraced glover's son, he rose to act, write, and become a partner in a successful theater. By the time of his death he was both respected and well to do. This portrait reflects that status and the story of its discovery is fascinating.


This Eclectic Life said...

Amazing! I like the bit at the end where the commentator said it had Sir Walter Raleigh scribbled on the back, "no one thought...it might be someone rather more significant."

I should say SO. Thanks for sharing that!!

Linda said...

Amanda actually told me all about this the other day and I was rather proud of the fact that the kid was paying attention to something of a historic nature! Perhaps all is not lost after all?