09 April 2009

Good Friday with Good People

As you wander the net, take part in blogs, sign up for Face Book or Twitter, you come across some very interesting people and ideas. All you need to do to get on my "interesting" list is to make me go "Oh!". Usually these are people or organizations who are making the world around them better in some way, but then again they can just be fascinating in their own right.

Shelly Tucker of This Eclectic Life has declared this to be Only the Good Friday, so on this Good Friday, here is a very good group of people doing a good thing.

Heifer International - Just because you live in an apartment doesn't mean you can't buy a cow, goat, or rabbit. By doing so, you can help lift whole groups of people out of poverty. This particular charity has received high ratings from all of the groups that review and recommend safe places to donate including Charity Navigator that gives it three out of four stars and Forbes Magazine that put it on its Gold Star List.

In a world of scams and emails from Nigeria, it's nice to find a good organization staffed by good people making reasonable salaries who pass on most of the money they raise to where it is needed most.


Insightful Nana said...

Thanks for the information. Sometimes we forget that great things can happen through simple means.

eProf2 said...

Come over to my blog and see what you inspired.

Thorne said...

This is really a good thing, Jaime!

Travis Cody said...

There are so many ways to help others. This is another good one.

This Eclectic Life said...

Heifer International has always been one of my favorite good charities. What's this with you and cows lately? lol!