11 April 2009

My Neck of the Woods - Northwest Trek

My neck of the woods is literally the woods. Northwest Trek is a 723 acre park that was once a private property since donated to the State of Washington and part of the State Park System. It features more than 200 animals in a natural habitat with disguised fencing to separate predators from prey. In addition it is as a stop over for migrating birds as well as visitors from surrounding wood areas.

You have your choice of riding the tram around the park or taking a leisurely walk on the many hiking paths that meander around the various enclosures. There are many programs for students and tour groups to introduce them to conservation and the lives of the animals that surround them. During the summer, you can camp out overnight to listen and view the many nocturnal animals, and many families wouldn't miss the Santa Train in winter.

What makes NW Trek truly special is the sense that you really are in the woods with the animals all around you. It is a truly peaceful place that restores your connection with the earth and creation.


Travis Cody said...

I didn't know about this place at all! We need to put this on our list of places to go.

There's an eagle that I see every once in awhile flying over the bay. So he must have a next nearby.

Thorne said...

This is my kinda place!!! I love it, Jamie!