15 March 2010

Queen's Meme #29 - The Bucket List Meme

Welcome to the Queen's Tuesday Meme #29
Sometimes silly.  Sometimes serious.  Always fun!  Step out of the box.  Be creative.  Use your imagination.
No one's answers are quite like yours.

It's not original. It's not my idea. This meme has been around in various forms. Call it whatever you wish. But I thought it would be interesting to make a wish list of things you want to accomplish or do before you ....um....well....die. Cheery, no? Just like the two characters in the 2007 motion picture, The Bucket List, we all have a list in our heads. I'm not sure I've ever actually written mine down. Some I've already crossed off. I think it's time for a fresh new slate of ideas and direction for me. I've been through a lot of change in the last year. And even though the list might change periodically, nevertheless, the task gives me pause.

What AM I doing to push forward those dreams of mine? Maybe it will help if I write them down. And what hinders me from getting them done? That is the bigger question.

The rules: There are none. List as many things as you'd like. Give us your answers in pictures, words or song lyrics. Make it serious or funny. Your choice.

What's on your list?


Once more Queen Mimi doth command and we the loyal subjects of Bloggingham environs obey.  There must be something in the air.  I ask people where they want to spend their last days on earth and she wants to know what we want to do before we get there.  Did someone declare an early Halloween for ghoulish pursuits.

Speaking of things being in the air, when I looked over some of the possibilities they all seem to be connected to getting off the ground.

1.  I want to take a balloon ride during the festival in New Mexico with that traditional champagne breakfast following.

2.  Must do a few rounds on the London Eye

3.  Qantas should take me away to Australia

That's the top three your majesty.  I'm sure more will be revealed at a later time.


Linda said...

I used to think that with my fear of heights that I would never want to go up in a hot air balloon but lately I've been thinking that I might rather enjoy it and would love to see what the area I live in looks like from the air. Of course, I'd rather see what Lake Tahoe looks like from the air - a balloon ride my brother and his wife have taken once.

I'd love to do the Eye of London, too, as that means I'd get to actually be in London - a place definitely on my list of "wanna-see" before I kick the proverbial bucket. And truth be told, I'd rather see Scotland than Australia - unless, of course, Hugh Jackman was giving the tour!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I could have added a balloon ride as well.

Travis said...

I've got quite the list, but not too many involve heights. I'm not opposed to heights. My preference is to be more grounded.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of the London Eye..but judging from the pic, i'd have a stroke...me and heights don't play

Xmichra said...

they eye sounds wonderful. I am totally affraid of heights though. lol

Finding Pam said...

You picked some very interesting last things to do for your bucket list. I like it.