14 March 2010

Take This Tune - Where You Gonna Go

This week's Take This Tune is Jimmy Buffet's "Volcano" with its signature line of "Where You Gonna Go When The Volacano Blows?" while naming off all the places he doesn't want to be when the end comes. When a lifelong gypsy tries to consider one FINAL place to stay put, it presents all sorts of difficulties because the "Next" place has always been the best.

Finally came to the conclusion that it had to have water (that piscean thing - can't go anywhere you might actually get dry) ... That narrowed it down to raucous ocean or meandering stream, and since it had to be perfect, which isn't going to happen in anyone's lifetime, I opted for the imaginary but absolutely perfect ....


Travis said...

Ahhhhh...Kokomo isn't one of my favorite BB songs, but it definitely describes a water lover's paradise.

And I'm considering some songs to suggest for the feature.

Linda said...

Great choice as I guess Paradise is a good a place as any to spend one's last days!

Having a brain like mush for the past couple of days I haven't been able to think of a thing for this week's meme - though the words have certainly stuck in my head!

Julia Smith said...

Now that was a nice virtual getaway - I needed one today, since I'm home from work feeling horrible.

maryt/theteach said...

I chose hawaii too, Jamie! It's the best place to go! Of course not Big Island cuz that's where the volcano is! Ha! :)

maryt/theteach said...

Thanks for your limerick too! Good luck!

Keyboard Jockey said...


This is one of my favorite old Jimmy Buffett songs, I can't find the music just the lyrics.

I will keep looking this is a fun song

Morris' Nightmare.


Keyboard Jockey said...

It's no where on the internet not in whole form :)

This is a sample of it.