07 March 2010

Townes Van Zandt

Born March 7, 1944, Townes Van Zandt was one of the most prolific songwriters and performers of the last several decades. Often referred to as a "cult" musician he was lauded and respected by some of the greatest artists performing today despite his history of addiction that led to his death. Enjoy the Wiki bio and then visit I Tunes to pick up some wonderful music.

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Travis said...

Some songwriters are able to record their own material and be successful with it...like Jim Croce, James Taylor, Carol King, Carly Simon to name just a few off the top of my head.

Others make a name and successful living with popular singers and groups recording their material.

Then there are the ones who are every bit as good, perhaps even better, who just never seem to connect commercially.

It's a crazy business.