07 March 2010

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

This week's Take This Tune is all about dreams of spring and love.  This would have been fine when I planned on pontificating about the childish delight of daydreams, imaginary friends, and the longing for adventure that you can actually carry into adulthood for both fun and profit.  Then I went to see Alice In Wonderland this morning.  Instead you get big kid time, loving the 3D and getting totally lost in the dream while trying desperately to remember all the words to Jaberwocky but only getting as far as the first two verses and loving the words "frumious Bandersnatch".  Try saying that three times without smiling:  "frumious Bandersnatch", "frumious Bandersnatch", "frumious Bandersnatch".

This motion picture is Tim Burton at his best supported by a truly great cast of some of the best actors in the business today both on screen and as voice overs.  What is most amazing is that by giving Alice a back story of someone who believes "six impossible things for breakfaast" and losing the father who taught her than the best people are "bonkers", there is actually a wonderful message about perseverance, imagination, and loving friends even the ones who are "different".   Besides you wouldn't want to miss Johnny Depp doing the Fuderwhacking.

The Mad Hatter, The White Queen, The Queen of Hearts


Travis said...

I read that Helena Bonhan Carter steals every scene in which she appears. I'm not surprised.

Linda said...

I just wish I could past the "clown-like" appearance of the Mad Hatter but for some reason, I'm having big problems with that! The stuff of which bad dreams are made I'm afraid! Honestly, I need to put on my big girl panties and go see the film, don't I?

This Eclectic Life said...

Wasn't that amazing! I've been musing the "six impossible things before breakfast," myself. And, I had to go find the words to Jabberwocky, because I found myself remembering only parts of it. Burton is an amazing visionary ... and I have to say that Depp was outstanding, even if not the sexiest man alive!