16 May 2010

Get Over It

This week's Take This Tune is the Eagles "Get Over It".  That choice was semi inspired by Willie Nelson's, There's Nothing I can Do About It Now., and both were chosen as a reflection on life that is summed up with some version of "Stuff Happens".  I am the first to admit that I have no patience with "No Whine served before its time". Give me a break. Do you want to compare horror stories? Sorry about that I win and what's more I don't care that I won. If we ever get into a game of "Truth or Dare", you may know all. In the mean time, I live by my motto of "It's never tooo late to have a happy childhood!" and I've been giggling ever since adopting that as a way of life. Bring on the swings and jungle gyms..

There is one type of TV show that I will not watch from the instant someone starts whinging and whining about some injustice, slight, or tragedy ... not because I'm unsympathetic with trials and tribulations, but because I know that hanging on to the baggage is harder on you than it will ever be on anyone who may have done you wrong.  Now if it is regret over something you have done, take responsibility, then make amends as well as you can.  Clean up as much of the spilled milk as possibile and then try your best to learn from the error of your ways while finding some new sin to commit rather than repeating yourself.

With two disasters happening recently with the flood in Tennessee that wiped out the homes and history of thousands of people and musicians and the British Petroleum oil spew, it is easy to see the difference.  In Tennessee people were helping people clean up while the famous got together for a telethon to provide as much money and support as possible.  Some tears but no whine.  Just rolling up their sleeves and getting it done.  Then there were the gazillionaire BP execs pointing fingers at anybody and everybody they could name and whining about why it wasn't their fault and why is everyone so mad at them, just look at all the oil they produced before things went very very wrong and why should they pay more than "all legitimate claims".  My attitude towards them is not only should they be paying reparations for decades, but that they should consider themselves lucky if they don't end up behind bars.

Maybe they need to take a lesson from Warren Zevon on how to face up to horrible and laugh about it because life isn't for sissies.  It was included on his last album, "Enjoy Every Sandwich", while he knew he was dying from Mesothelioma. and still laughing by including "Poor Pitiful Me"

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Travis Cody said...

Nicely done.