25 May 2010

Surprise Surprise

This is classic proof of any number of things.  First nothing dies on the internet.  Second that despite failures, I have good taste in men.  And third, some surprises are really pleasant.

While surfing around looking for genealogy information and concentrating on my ex husband's line since that is important for half of the children's lineage, I came across the picture above in response to one of the search terms.  As soon as I saw the bike's name, the light bulb lit up as I muttered, "It has to be his.".   I sent an email to the daughter with the picture attached and asked, "Did your dad build this.".  The answer back, "Yes, dad designed and built that bike about ten years ago."

So how did I know it had to be his?  The name of the bike is The Clifford Climax.


Linda said...

Wow, looks like the ex really knew his way around motorcycles - very nice indeed!

And you're right, nothing does ever die on the internet, does it?

This Eclectic Life said...

Sweet bike ... what a name!

Thorne said...

Okay, I'm impressed. This bike is sex on wheels. I bet he was a doozy, Jamie!

Travis Cody said...

It's a sweet looking ride!