17 May 2010

The Queen's Meme #37 - Under The Covers

Her majesty is under the weather, but has risen from her bed of pain to post the latest Queen's Meme while granting a temporary pardon to the dungeon denizens.  To join in on the fun head on over to the Queen's Meme for instruction and sign in.

1. Name 2 things you have done under the covers in the last week.

     I may have kissed my pillow.  It looked awfully happy this morning.

2. Do you know what a woobie is? Do you have a special one?

     Mine was "The Tickle Blanket".  It must be around here somewhere.

3. What prompts you to pull the covers over your head and hide from the world?

     Too much running around.  It gangs up on me and I need to hide away from people.

4. Firm or soft?
     Hard, hard, hard or did you mean the mattress?

5. Silk or flannel?


6. Lights on or off?


7. Fan or no air?

    Window slightly open for air. (Don't worry, they lock in that position)

8. Completely dark or nite light?


9. Windows open or shut

     Oops answered this one earlier - Open

10. Sweet dreams or nightmares?

     Sweet dreams.  Since I put myself to sleep with meditation, almost never have a bad dream.

11. PJ's or……

     Another one where I jumped the gun.  Wear nothing unless it is really really cold, then PJ's

12. Set bedtime?

     Between 9 and 10 unless going to the theater.

13. What do sheep count when they can't sleep?

     10 Lords a Leaping

14. What does your alarm clock sound like?

     I don't know.  I've never used it.  Wake up automatically between 4 and 5.

15. White noise or music

     Used to be music, but now silence.

16. TV or IPod?

     I'm addicted to my IPod, but use both during the day. 

17. Can you recall a pleasant dream you'd like to share?

     I love ones where I can go flying.

18. Under the covers or outside the covers

     I don't have a beard

19. Insomniac or sleep angel?

     Go to sleep easy, wake up easy

20. What is your favorite sleep aid for those tossin' and turnin' nights?

     Almost never happens, but if it does:  Calcium, Melatonin, and Sleepy Time Tea

21. Morning person or night person

     Normally morning person unless living alone then both with a nap during the day.

22. Bedtime snack?

     No never.  Bad idea if you really want to sleep

23. Hot or cold room


24. Bedtime ritual?

     Yoga stretches, hop in bed, out like the lights

25. Twin, Queen, King, Bunk or Futon


26. Socks or naked feet


27. Bedroom door locked or unlocked?

28. Tent or hotel room

     Both depending on destination

29. If you could be bored to sleep, what would bore you?

     Politicians reciting talking points

30. Prayers or mantra?


31. What was the worst nightmare you ever had?

     Trapped in burning building

32. Please share any ideas on how to stop a person from snoring.

I'm all ears.

     First go the medical route.  Do you have a deviated septum.  Have sleep study done.  Do you need oxygen during the night.  Sometimes just the breathe right strips are enough.  There are chin straps that can hold you mouth shut and forcing you to breath through your nose. 

33. If one purely pleasant thought could ensure fast and sound deep sleep for you every night, what would your one thought be?

     I mentally say goodnight to everyone I have ever loved.

34. How many hours do you normally sleep?

      Between six and seven hours.  Wish I could sleep longer, but that's it.

35. Thunderstorms or quiet starry night?

     I love thunderstorms, but stay away to enjoy them.  For sleeping:  Twinkle twinkle litte stars.

36. Warm bath or hot shower?

     Both:  Shower first then soak for awhile.

37. What is the craziest thing that ever happened in your bed?

     Oh I already told the leaking ceiling story.

38. Name a song you could fall asleep to.
      Norwegian Wood

39. Who last told you a bedtime story?

My mother when I was four.  She would recite poems with my favorite being Wynkin, Blynkin, and Nod and ended with a kiss on each eyelid and a kiss on the forehead with the last line.


Cooper said...

ummm...you want to explain #18????

good answers....


Finding Pam said...

You are blessed to be able to sleep.

I loved reading your leaking ceiling story. What wonderful memories. Reminds me of the movie,Barefoot in the Park.

Love is all there is that really matters.

Jamie said...

In Miracle on 34th Street, The man who might be Santa Claus was asked if he slept with his beard under the covers or over the covers.

Travis Cody said...

That's too many questions!

Linda said...

I was wondering if anyone might get thrown by your answer to #18 but I knew exactly what you meant!

Travis is right, though, that's an awful lot of questions even for the Queen!

For the record, I like a cool room, a bit of white noise, and sometimes I keep a foot outside of the covers and sometimes not!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Politicians talking would send anyone to sleep.