02 May 2010

The Things We Do For Love

This week's Take This Tune as suggested by Linda of Are We There Yet is "The Things We Do For Love" by 10 CC.  It is from their album Deceptive Bends whose cover is shown below.  This sent me off on a wild tangent.

The Deceptive Bends cover art immediately reminded me of The Creature From The Black Lagoon. and all the early 3D movies of the early 50s and as the fad faded all of the apocolyptic monster movies of the era.  Whoever the monster happened to be, they just couldn't seem to keep their hands off the leading lady. 

Robby the Robot of Forbidden Planet

Now Forbidden Planet was based on Shakespeare's "The Tempest" so naturally I leap frogged to a new movie currently getting ready for release.  The lead character Prospero will get a sex change and become Prospera with Dame Helen Mirren playing the role as directed by Julie Taymor.  During the filming in Hawaii, the cast took advantage of the surroundings and the 63 year old leading lady showed that she could still be something any self respecting monster would be glad to grab.

Does anyone have a way to dam the stream of consciousness?


Travis said...

At least your stream of consciousness produced an idea that was post-worthy. I am completely blank this week.

Linda said...

Now you've got me wondering where 10cc got the idea for their album cover as it does look suspiciously like the two movie posters that you've got here. And dang but Dame Helen Mirren doesn't look 63 to me! I would have been happy to look like that at 33!

I'm sorry to hear that Travis is blank on this one; maybe a stream will flow into his consciousness at the last minute!