25 May 2010

Queen's Meme #38

Queen's Meme #38 - The Let's Go To Dinner Meme

We all love to wine and dine with our families and those we care about. Some of us talk about it. Some of us don’t. Regardless, we all have stories to tell…. past and present. Take a trip down memory lane or unfold your fantasy night out on the blog for all to read. We’re all ears. Waiter! Waiter!

1. When is the last time you went out to dinner with someone special? Tell us about it. - If you count relatives then this would be the son taking me out to Dave's because he knew I was going on a diet the next day and he knew that it would be a long, long time before their Bread Pudding crossed my lips.

2. Show us a picture of your favorite cuisine. - I'll even tell you where to go to eat it if you happen to be in Los Angeles.

Dar Maghreb
7651 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 876-7651

The dining room of this Moroccan restaurant is a replica of a 15th century Moorish palace, with a courtyard, fountains, and other features of north African architecture. Guests sit on plush pillows around ornate ivory and wood tables. After the ceremonial pre-dinner hand washing, enjoy a seven course meal that could include such dishes as grilled quail, sweet lamb with honey sauce, and b'steeya which is phyllo pastry filled with chicken, almonds, and spices.

3. What is the funniest thing a man/woman has said to you lately? Same son watching me drink lemon water - "Do you want fries with that?"

4. What makes a gentleman a gentleman in today’s dating world? Are there any left? - He waits for the lady to ask.

5. Is there anything you won’t tolerate when out to dinner with your significant other? - I don't have an SO at present, but the one thing that would be verboten is being loudly obnoxious.

6. What type of ambiance do you enjoy in an eating establishment? - Either totally casual wear your bathing suit or jeans, or an alternative of casual elegance for an upscale venue.

7. Tell us about the worst public dining experience you ever had, whether it be a date or with your family. - You will have to email me for that story.

8. What is the lamest or rudest thing a man/woman has said to you lately? - I must be lucky.  No one has been lame or rude.

9. Are you a good tipper?  - Used to be a waitress.  I'm critical of performance,  minimum for adequate service, but overtip a really good server.

10. Do you ask for doggie bags when you leave food on your plate at a restaurant?  - As a one time singler working mother, how do you think I fed the kids?

11. What is your pet peeve about restaurants and dining out in general? - Huge portions.  I swear the amount of food offered has gotten horrendous.  Maybe they are justifying prices, but it is just so wasteful and unhealthy

12. Do you prefer to order yourself or do you ever let your significant other order for you? - It's old fashioned, but I always loved having the gentleman order.  Now I prefer to order for myself unless it is an unfamiliar cuisine, then I prefer to take suggestions and let him order.

13. Describe your most intimate romantic dinner ever. (fantasy or real) - Carnelian Room San Francisco which has unfortunately closed after 40 years in business.  Their website on the link does make suggestions for other romantic venues.  If you ever saw Funny Girl and the seduction scene of the private room, that is what you can get at the Carnelian in their room for two overlooking San Francisco to the sea.  This answer actually gives me a chance to post a video for the Queen

14. Do you enjoy piano bars? - I don't just enjoy them.  I love them and hunt them down.  I miss the dark ambiance of sitting around a piano while an excellent perform takes requests, sings and interacts with the crowd.  Did I mention I dated one of those talented gentlemen for eight years?

15. If you could go anywhere in the world for dinner, where would it be and who would you be with? - Why I just blogged about that with Bucket List Revision - Since it requires a party of 10, it would be nice if a gentleman who had brushed up on Shakespeare was one of my guests dressed as the Bard.


mielikki said...

Left overs are one of my favorite meals, especially good Chinese food. Great answers.
Oh, and I live in a VERY small town in Northern California, where the only delivery we can get is very bad pizza. And thats only if it's not snowing...

Finding Pam said...

Jamie, what great places you have been to eat. I liked the Bucket List post. That would be awesome to travel to London.

Like you, I was a waitress and I agree that the portions are too large.

My mother was single, but she never brought us home any left over food. Good for you.

Mimi Lenox said...

I want to hear about the piano singer! You're holding out on me, Jamie.

Of course I do owe you a phone call. Shame on me..I promise. Soon!!

Gentlemen. Hmmmmm.....They are few and far between these days.

Travis Cody said...

I don't think I've ever been in a piano bar, although I've been in hotel lounge/lobbies that had piano music.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Piano bars can be cool

So she is back with here memes I see....OH MIMI!!!! The dungeon cleaned up?