28 May 2010

5 On Friday - There Goes My Baby

Our buddy Travis of Trav's Thoughts has created a wonderful meme called "5 on Friday". The rules are simple:
1. Grab the banner, make your post title Five on Friday, and be sure to link back here.

2. Go to Playlist.com to make your play list of five songs. You may choose a particular theme to share with us, or post random tunes if that's your vibe for the day. You can simply post the play list, or you can add a little summary about what you are sharing.

2a. Don't feel restricted by the tracks listed on Playlist.com. You're welcome to use any type of media to share your Sets.

3. Be sure to sign Mr Linky so everyone can visit your Set.

4. No tags, but feel free to invite your friends to play along if they need a post topic on a Friday.

It was 1959.  I was 15 and had just had my heart broken for the first time.  If that must happen, then at least have a great song as Number One so that you can wallow in the misery with the replays at least once an hour.  For that summer in Hollywood it was "There Goes My Baby" and for the next several years, The Drifters provided a soundtrack for my life.  Thanks guys!!!

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Linda said...

I was only 1 in 1959 but that doesn't stop me from liking The Drifters at all! Such classic music. It doesn't seem to matter what time of year I listen to it but for some reason I always think of summer - probably because of Under the Boardwalk and Up on the Roof!

maryt/theteach said...

You know I was 15 too Jamie in 1959 and the Drifters were part of my life too! Oh such a wonderful, sad, wishful time! :)

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

I was 4...but I got into the Drifters later on in life and own many of their songs

Julia Smith said...

I didn't come along until five more years, but who's counting...? The last three are my favorites, but especially On Broadway. It's a song dedicated to a place I long to visit someday!

Travis Cody said...

I was minus 5, but I'm a big fan of the group. This was back in the days that a collection of singers was called a vocal group rather than a "boy band or "girl band".

I think the music from the Drifters is timeless.

Dr Purva Pius said...
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