20 August 2010

5 On Friday Ku-U-I-Po

This may be another edition of  Trav's 5 on Friday (stop by to sign in), but given the anniversary of his death earlier this week, I went with The King.  The trouble with Elvis is that his songs are like potato chips:  There is no way you can stop at five.  I will kick it off with one that has a special if somewhat ironic attachment.  My first movie date with the young man who eventually became my husband was to see Blue Hawaii in 1961.  On the inside of my wedding ring were the letter MTYLTT (More than yesterday less than tomorrow) from the song Ku-U-I-Po.  The ring and it's letters were flung out a window of a car leaving town in 1971.  All things considered, I still like the guy, the movie, and the song, so no regrets.

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Travis Cody said...

Elvis is definitely one for whom bending the rules is required.

Rules...they are more guidelines really. I'll enjoy this Set over the weekend. Have a good one!

Julia Smith said...

His songs are like potato chips: There is no way you can stop at five.

LOL! Exactly. I'm a massive Elvis fan and I agree with you 100%. I enjoyed your story of your first date and the ring - even if it got a bit dramatic, and not in a good way.

It's funny how 5 on Friday ends up being on the same wavelength sometimes. I'm enjoying the nostalgia this week!

Linda said...

And somewhere someone has a ring with letters engraved upon it with absolutely no clue what they mean!

I may be the only one who didn't lean towards nostalgia with my choices this week - maybe I'll play catch-up on that next week!