27 August 2010

5 On Friday - Showstoppers

Travis of Trav's Thoughts has invented this delightful once a week meme.  For full instructions and to sign in so we can all visit you, just click on the link.

This week I'm off to Broadway for some of my favorite songs from newer musicals

First up, the bittersweet and funny song from a Girl Friday who's always the friend with benefits not the romantic object of someone's affections.

Kate Monster isn't doing all that well either in Avenue Q and here she is with her song of unrequited love.

Now Evelyn Nesbitt in Ragtime was getting plenty of love ... Maybe a little too much since her husband shot her lover leading to "The Crime of the Century"

Will Rogers was so well loved that Oklahoma nominated him for President as their "Favorite Son". Here is the rousing number from The Will Rogers Follies - Plus a great piece of choreography where no one is on their feet

Finally a song about gossip, machinations, and everyone chasing all the wrong someones with "A weekend In The Country" from "A Little Night Music".

Since the subject has been love, here is the cast of Rent closing it off with all the ways to measure the Seasons of Love


Mike Golch said...

Now thoses were fun to watch,thanks for sharing them.

Linda said...

Amanda has been wanting to see Avenue Q for quite some time but I haven't exactly been chomping at the bit to see it myself plus the ticket cost on Broadway now is so high it makes for popping down for a show a little too pricey. I think the last show I saw was Kiss Me Kate which was marvelous but that was probably more than 10 years ago.

Thank goodness I can come to your blog for free for some great Broadway show tunes! The last one from Rent is this week's fave!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Miss being in NYC and having Broadway at my fingertips

Jamie said...

Afraid New York is on my way too expensive bucket list. I'm grateful when I can get into LA area for the "A" touring group.

Travis Cody said...

I wanted to see Rent live, but I saw the film version and it just shattered me. So I decided to keep those reactions private. What an amazing story.

Terrific Set as always!

Julia Smith said...

That was fun! My favorite was 'Favorite Son' from 'The Will Rogers Follies'.

Going to NYC is very high on my bucket list - hopefully I can check it off next year (fingers crossed.)

Mimi Lenox said...

I always enjoy your collections. You tie them all together so well.