23 August 2010

The Back To Fools Meme

Welcome to The Queen's Meme #50
The Back To Fools Meme

For those quietly insane adults hanging around after the kids have returned to school.  The house is quiet. No more carpooling twelve kids to the mall. No more fighting over the computer and the TV. I wonder if you learned your lessons this summer. Answer the questions in complete sentences, double-spaced, typed with footnotes, annotations and a bibliography. I'll take that by Tuesday afternoon if not sooner. And please, if you have any questions, raise your hand.  There will be a pop quiz tomorrow.  Check in with the Queen to sign in and participate

1. Do you know your primary colors? Describe for me, if you will, the colors red, blue and green to a blind person. (*hat tip special friend for this most excellent question!*)

Red is the warmth of fire on the hearth, while blue cools with soft water waves and green grows beside the water full of the life of trees.

2. What was your adult summer reading? Edward Rutherfurd "New York"

3. When you assembled your clothes last night for today's activities - you did do that, didn't you? - what did you choose to wear? - Hah!  You've never seen the grab and dash morning performance while crawling under the bed screaming, "Where in the h*** are my shoes now?"

4. What's in your lunchbox?- Fresh Fruit, can of albacore, and bottled water (I know I know, I'm dieting)

5. Imagine that your teacher is your fantasy crush. What would you bring her/him on the first day of school? Hmmmmm??? - Once did this for Mr. Liefer a mere 50 years ago - A Cake decorated with a map of the world since he taught current affairs.

6. No rest for the weary. Your child's teacher just called. A big ole' bully knocked your precious one into a locker for no good reason at all.  What is your response to the principal? I start at DefCon One and escalate as necessary until action is taken to curb all bullying in the school.

7. You have been given a pair of scissors, a glue stick and copy of Entertainment Weekly. Whose picture do you cut out and who do you glue to your headboard?  If you folks don't know the answer to this one, you REALLY have not been paying attention.

8. TEN POINT BONUS QUESTION! Now that you have time to watch all those Gilligan's Island reruns, tell me....What was the Professor really doing with Mary Ann all that time they were lost in the jungle?  -

I actually have a copy of the most pornographic poem ever written that describes the goings on by all concerned.  The reason I've kept it?  It is unbelievably well written poetry and absolute proof you can write well about anything.  Anyone who wants to see it, will have to send me an email.  When I say pornographic I'm not kidding.  This thing would get four exes so don't ask unless you mean it.

And remember this uplifting quote:

"If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers."

— Edgar W. Howe

Did someone just throw a spitwad at me?!!!


Anonymous said...

how could i not be curious after THAT buildup?????

septembermom said...

Wonderful to meet a fellow Hugh fan :) Thank you for sharing that heavenly picture! Love all your responses.

Debster said...

I hate playing the "Where the h*** are my _______" game on a daily basis, so if I have to go somewhere early in the morning, I sleep in my galoshes. :-)

Great answers!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I probably wrote the poem!

Mimi Lenox said...

Oh that last picture cracked me up.

I am confiscating your picture of Mr. Jackman.

Jean-Luc is just full of surprises, isn't he?