04 January 2007

From George to George

January 7 is the anniversary of the very first Presidential election in 1789. It had taken 13 years since declaring independence from England and King George to get to a point where a war had been won and an election could be held. In case you haven't heard, George Washington got the job and our second president came in second. If the founding fathers had actually been all wise, they would have given us a parliamentary system so that we could throw the inadequate out of the office.

Unfortunately, even they, couldn't envision some of the duds that have followed the first George. They certainly would have been appalled by our current George who seems to have crowned himself king and is studiously trying to single-handedly destroy the documents they cherished and the office they created for an honored leader.

From now until November 2008, we will be taking a look at some of the potential replacements for our locally grown King George. Whomever we select, let's try to do at least as well as the men who ran for the office in the first place. We certainly couldn't do worse than what we have.

Name, State, Electoral Votes Received

George Washington, Virginia, 69
John Adams, Massachusetts, 34
John Jay, New York, 9
Robert H. Harrison, Maryland, 6
John Rutledge, South Carolina, 6
John Hancock, Massachusetts, 4
George Clinton, New York, 3
Samuel Huntington, Connecticut, 2
John Milton, Georgia, 2
James Armstrong, Georgia, 1
Benjamin Lincoln , Massachusetts, 1
Edward Telfair, Georgia, 1


Anon-Paranoid said...

I pray we still will have the right too vote and elect our leaders, however since the Republican Nazi's in both the House and Senate gave Der Fuehrer the same powers as Hitler 2006 might have been the last time we had that right.

God Bless.

crpitt said...

You should of never declared independence from the British Empire!lol!
Claire(aka subject of her majesty)

Jamie said...


My sentiments exactly!!! Your King George abused a very valuable property and as a result we, unlike the Canadians, stopped speaking English. :-)

BTW, Did you ever backtrack on some of my posts to the one that is a salute to Elizabeth II for her reign. A contact in the UK sent me some candid shots his mother had taken of her as a young girl, so I was able to use those.

crpitt said...

Yes you speak american, which is hard to understand, thank god i have a american/english dictionary!

I have back tracked through a lot of your posts, but haven't found that one yet? location please?

Jamie said...

It is early in December and is called "Happy Accidents".