29 January 2007


Anyone who knows me well will understand why I am shedding tears right now. I have always loved both horses and horseracing. Today we lost a true champion who put up a superb fight and lost. People will talk about the dangers of horse racing and speak of the hazards in their breeding, but these magnificent animals have been bred for this purpose for centuries. They simply love to run. Barbaro raced to the end of his life. All those who respect what the people at New Bolton did and will continue to do thank them for their efforts. They did everything they could do and now we must say goodbye and remember what we loved while Barbaro was here.


Anonymous said...


I'm glad to you posted your feelings about racing. My mother and grandmother were both big fans.
My grandmother lived in the Bronx was part of syndicate that owned a horse for a while. They both loved talking to the horses and watching them run. Your lovely tribute brought back some great memories

Katherine Graham Cracker

vanillabirdies said...

Oh god, he was doing so well!

Goodbye Barbaro, I think he had a very nice life even while ailing and was loved by so many.

Jamie said...


Almost to the very end he was flirting with the mares in the neighboring walk boxes. His owners just received the Eclipse award (horse racing's highest honor) as representing the best in racing ownership.

They were with him every single day and simply said if he was happy they were in the fight with him, but they would not allow him to suffer.

Unfortunately, the time to let him go came today. I'm glad he and they are getting the recognition today that they deserve for a race well run.

Anonymous said...

Yup, this was a horse that made a difference. His owners know they did everything humanly possible for him, and that he stayed bright and brave throughout, but his injuries were just beyond today's level of medical science. All who dealt with him will be sad, but they did their best.

Best wishes, Dog's Eye View (Lisa)

BBC said...

I don't expect to make any points with my comment in this group, but hey, dogs need to eat also.

Nothing in nature is wasted, unless humans waste it screwing up natures ways.

Jamie said...


As it happens I agree with you a bit. At some point we are going to make our small contribution to the great recycler.

This doesn't mean we shouldn't recognize greatness while it is passing through whether natural, human, or animal.