26 January 2007

Let's Do The Cowboy Conga

In the aftermath of WWI, France and Britain competed for the Mideastern leftovers of the Ottoman Empire. The British grabbed Palestine, attempted to set up puppet monarchies in Arabia and in 1921 cobbled together hostile peoples—Kurds and Sunni and Shiite Arabs—into the artificial and unstable kingdom of Iraq. The British, drained economically by the world war, were greedy for spoils and wanted the benefits of empire on the cheap. The vastness of Iraq proved impossible to govern by a reduced garrison. Churchill conceded wryly that Britain was spending millions "for the privilege of living on an ungrateful volcano out of which we are in no circumstances to get anything worth having."

Because George Bush either doesn't read or doesn't understand what he has read, we are once more sitting on the volcano. The only difference this time: It's erupting. Because of this lack of understanding, Afghanistan is uneasy with Pakistan; Lebanon is wrestling with Syria and Iran with the uprising of Hezbollah and Hamas. Israel and Palestine trade suicide bombers for soldiers with guns. The President has almost single-handily created his own falling dominoes. All for the sake of take your pick: Glory, money, revenge, or misguided folly.

For whatever reason Vice President Cheney and the President whose ear is still tuned into that direction have taken the road of super masculinity: Obliterate property and people and then look proud of their actions like a couple of serial arsonists and rapists laying waste to the neighborhood.

Churchill spent millions and wasted lives. The United States is spending billions and wasting lives. All of this for an idea that was proven a mistake more than 80 years ago. The solution is the one that existed long before now: Assist in the division of the artificial construct and then get the hell out. Unfortunately for our country, Bush and Cheney have started a chain with Condi, Laura, and Barney bringing up the rear in some sort of unending dance. So let's do the Cowboy Conga until we all fall down in an exhaustion of personnel and treasure that could very well destroy us and the Middle East if not the world.


BBC said...

*Looks out window*

Nope, no fighting on my block, it's peaceful out there. And I can't do anything about those monkeys fighting each other in other places so I've decided to stop letting it get me down.

It's just a bunch of monkeys screwing around. Maybe we will have peace when they kill each other off, or get tired of fighting.

Stupid monkeys, I'll just go enjoy the beach for a while today.


Oil ..... and Oil to the list.


You know, I've noticed that the new blogger does a poor job of displaying images. My site will show a picture for a day or two, and then it goes into the dreaded little blue question mark. I've refreshed your page and it's now displaying all but one. At first there was just one showing.

Jamie said...


Are you using Firefox? There seems to be some conflict between it and the new blogger.

Anon-Paranoid said...

The only dance I want too see is them after being found guily of War Crimes in the Hague and dancing form the gallows as the trap door drops from beneath their feet.

God Bless.

BBC said...

I'm using Firefox and it seems to be doing fine. It works better for blogging than I.E. does. At least for me it does.

Hey, it's going to be a beautiful day. No war on my street and there will be some sun. I'll be able to work on my camper some.

Have a great day. :-)

Jamie said...


You always know what is truly important :-)

crpitt said...

Hey jamie, i love the cow!
Sorry to go off topic.
Oh i have posted a few photos of the two hikes i have been on lately, scroll down quite a bit to get to them.
I know you will love the scenery.

Claire xx