30 January 2007

Da Svedonya Liberty

Mr. Президент

Bush Institutes Soviet Style Minders

Just read the article and think about all the tour groups and gaggle of office holders that bemoaned the fact that the Soviet Union wouldn't let anyone meet with the natives without someone standing guard in the form of a "guide" to make sure no one said anything that disagreed with official policy.

So now we have another freedom down the drain courtesy of this most "patriotic" of Presidents. First it was the signing statements that said he didn't have to obey the parts of a law with which he disagreed, now this. If he keeps it up, we may have to move to Red Square to get a whiff of free speech.


AlanBoss said...

Horrifying! BushCo has been stacking the agencies for the past six years and now, without the support of a rubber stamp congress, they have found a way to make it law. The worst part is, they still have two years to continue to do more damage to America's most basic freedoms. Makes me wonder if that is enough time to eliminate free elections.

vanillabirdies said...

Oh god he's such an evil idiot. I can't stand it!

I will find those song lyrics and song for you Jamie...now it's on my mind!!!


Love the Russian Text.

I've started my own little history series.