05 January 2007

Telling Tales

We all grew up on fairy tales. Most people associate these with the Brothers Grimm, but some of the most familiar were written by Charles Perrault based upon old French peasant tales such as Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood. Hidden within those fairy tales are lessons to be learned which is why they have held up for centuries.

In 1987 Stephen Sondheim combined several of these with other tales from Germany and England to create Into The Woods.

One of the most memorable songs was Hello Little Girl where the Wolf tries to seduce Little Red Riding Hood. For no other reason than "Politics Make Strange Bedfellows" and the fact that for me one idea just naturally leaps willy nilly to another, this makes me think of Nancy Pelosi and the President. All that power can go to one's head. When facing an even more powerful adversary, things can get messy.

Will the wolf be outwitted again?
Will Red be led astray by temptation, power and privilege.
Will she resist with I Know Things Now?

When she is tempted, I would recommend a refresher review of Children Will Listen.

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