22 January 2007

Time Travel

This week every one and their cousin have thrown their hats into the Presidential ring. It is a long, long time from here to November, and I shall pay attention to them in due course. All those flying hats made me think of a man who knew how to wear one while writing wonderful music, smoking a cigarette, and playing a piano.

If you are old enough to remember or young enough that you don't know. It's time to pay a visit to Hoagy Carmichael. Fred Astaire danced to his music. Louis Armstrong was one of his great friends, Ray Charles recorded one of his greatest hits, and Hoagy got nominated and/or received Oscars as if they were door prizes.

If you are a singer of jazz or ballads, you have probably sung a Hoagy Carmichael song. While you are on the bio site above, take a listen to some of the best.


Dexter said...

I have heard many versions, but never Hoagy's own "Stardust". I also vividly recall the first time I entered Georgia in the predawn hours on a Greyhound Lines bus, "Georgia on my Mind" was playing my head.
Cole Porter is from Peru , Indiana. I was there once and looked all over town for some of his recorded music. I had no luck...one clerk at a music store HAD NEVER HEARD OF HIM!

vanillabirdies said...

I knew the music but I never knew of HIM...thanks Jamie!