15 January 2007


What is that definition of delusion again?

Bush on 60 minutes:

"I think the Iraqi people owe the American people a huge debt of gratitude, and I believe most Iraqis express that. I mean, the people understand that we've endured great sacrifice to help them."

How insane and disconnected from his actions does this President have to get before they send him to spend time in a nice warm safe place where he can no longer injure people.

Iraqi Body Count

Coalition Deaths


Not for a second do I think Saddam was some sort of martyred saint. There are few people who deserved death more for their crimes. Did the Shiites suffer under his regime? Yes they did. Did he spend little to nothing of the vast oil income on their infrastructure and well being? Yes he did. Yet there is no way we can get around the fact that he was confined to the center of his country. There was absolutely no reason to invade. That invasion has attracted every nut case in the middle east. That invasion has caused the Iraqi middle class to flee the country thus destroying education and medicine. The sooner we get out, the sooner the Iraqis can get back to trying to pick up the pieces of their lives.

Withdraw troops to the borders to prevent the influx of any more combatants. Enter into negotiations with the surrounding countries to assist in getting control of the situation. Provide safe haven refuge areas for Sunnis and Shiites to interrupt the civil war.

Stop the Insanity, Mr. President. They still won't be grateful, but at least they will still be alive.

And from one of the few countries still in the coalition of the willingly deluded.



Rob said...

Its an interesting word injuries. The media uses it all the time so folks just say it. But to me, injuries ae when you break you knee playing basketball or when your little girl falls of the swing set and needs stitches.

The Iraqui's and American soldeirs are wounded but the media will go on saying "injured."

Jamie said...

There is a reason and it has to do with military obfuscation. All "injury" means is something serious enough that the soldier couldn't return to active duty within three days. That could be everything from an infected hangnail to missing limbs.

It is possible to dig deeper on some of the veterans and peace sites to get numbers on the more catastropic events. I won't swear to it, but I think that number is now in excess of 20,000.

Rob said...

That's really bad!