28 November 2008

First Vic .... Errrr Designate

If you take part in the Manic Monday Meme, then you are already acquainted with the wonderful computer design creations of Janna in the Jannaverse. If not, and you require a web page that is abosolutely you you you, she is the one to call. Now before you wander over there, one word of warning: Stick you tongue firmly in your cheek and set your brain on quirky. Now try blog reading in that position.

This time around, Janna is being almost serious (Almost being that she made it to the end of her "Sexy Reader" assigned meme with a serious subject and interesting history before the kittens in her cranium got into the catnip.

Just to get your holiday weekend off with a giggle, take the time to read some of the archives while visiting Janna.


Linda said...

Off to read the quirkiness of Janna!

Janna said...

Thank you for the links and the kind words.
Let's have a bowl of chili.
I like mine really hot.