27 November 2008

Sexy Reader Award

My Buddy Linda over at Are We There Yet presented me with this Vargas Girl of bookworms. Thank you Linda. Any resemblance between me and sexy up there is strictly in your imagination other than the book of course.

This award came along with a set of rules that I am apparently supposed to adhere to but they look pretty easy so I think I can handle them -

Rules: Pass it on to five other bloggers, and tell them to open the nearest book to page 46. Write out the fifth sentence on that page, and also the next two to five sentences. The closest book, not the coolest, or the one you think will sound the best. THE CLOSEST

As it happens, this is a book I just got in the mail and know nothing about other than a short synopsis: Storyteller by G. R. Grove.

So feasting and forgetting stayed we there, till at last one amongst us opened the door that looks toward Dumnonia, and with that opening memory rushed in, and we knew our loss, and felt the heavy burden of our grief fall upon us. On the White Mount, then, we buried Brian's head, as he himself had bade us, and it kept the coasts of Britain clear, until Arthur dug it up. And that was an evil day.

I stared at him, feeling the short hairs creep on the back of my neck, and a shiver go up my spine. It was not just the resonant storyteller's voice, or the finely phrased delivery. He spoke as one who had himself truly been there, and seen all that he described.
Now to pass along the award. I adore men in Kilts, so Travis at Trav's Thoughts can stop dancing and don a skirt long enough to tell us what he is reading. Mary The Teach at Work of the Poet because I know she has something good close to hand. Anthony North at Beyond The Blog for a little international flair and another man in skirts. Janna where she lives in the Jannaverse. One more award for Mags of Miss Maggie Moo Talks To You

No obligation folks, do it if you will enjoy it.


Linda said...

I suppose that if I looked like that in real life, I might consider reading a book whilst in that position but then again ... it truly does look uncomfortable!

This is an interesting sounding book you've got there, what is it about? Early England??

Those are some great choices for passing this on to - can't wait to see what they come up with!

Janna said...

Mine's posted! :)

Now I keep picturing Travis wearing a kilt...

And dancing.

anthonynorth said...

Thanks for that. I'll place it in the post on Saturday - after I've borrowed an item of clothing from the wife, of course :-)

maryt/theteach said...

Jamie, will do this fun meme 'cuz I want to post that sexy award on my blog. At least SOMEONE thinks I'm sexy!! Thanks Jamie, I'll let you know when it's up! :)

maryt/theteach said...

It's up Jamie! :)

Travis said...

It was pretty cool when page 46 of my book actually talked about books and learning and knowledge.

Thanks for the tag!