29 November 2008

Oh Drat!!!

I passed along the "Sexy Reader" award to Mary at Work of the Poet and forgot to include an instruction. "Don't put up anything I might want to read!". Well, she put up a little paragraph that is so descriptive that you think you are standing next to the woman thinking and saying to yourself, "I know that lady". Now I'm stuck with, "What happens next?".

Anyway, drop by and visit Mary if only because she has put up her Christmas decorations, and the place is absolutely lovely.


Patti said...

Hi Jamie,
I agree Mary T's place does look lovely. She decorated already!

I just did your birthday meme that our mutual friend Linda wanted people to do.
I'm 10 days late, but I did it.

I hope you enjoy ~

Jamie said...

For those wanting to link directly to Patti, her blog is The Late Bloomer Boomer. You will like it and she has a great cat.

Patti said...

Thank you, Jamie. ;-)