14 November 2008

Invent A Meme

I got this idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Wayne Hicks of Electronic Village. He has a feature called "Old School Friday" where he takes trips back to his youth. Today's was "Birth Year Songs" for which he did 1959 and Jackie Wilson with Lonely Teardrops.

Well anything worth doing is worth overdoing so I went to the The Birthday Calculator to find out what was going on in 1944.

I was conceived on or about 10 June 1943 which was a Thursday and born on 2 March 1944 when the moon was in its first quarter. This was also a Thursday. Certainly the old rhyme of "Thursday's Child has far to go" has been proven true.

Astrological Sign: Pisces with a birthstone of Aquamarine said to ease depression.

Chinese Astrology Sign: Monkey with a birthstone of Jade

Native American Zodiac: Wolf (Probably howling at that quarter moon)

Plant: Plantain (No wonder people think I'm Bananas. At least the Monkey won't starve while traveling)

Tree: Weeping Willow: Beautiful but full of melancholy, attractive, empathic, loves anything beautiful and tasteful, loves to travel, dreamer, restless, capricious, honest. (Hmmmm on the road again armed with the aquamarine to ward off depression and a banana pudding snack pack.)

Fortune Cookie: Your ability to juggle many tasks will take you far.
(Again with the traveling).

Top Song of 1944

Don't Fence Me In by Bing Crosby & the Andrews Sisters (More of the open road)

Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to go to The Birthday Calculator and This Day In History to find all sorts of interesting stuff about you and tell the world all about it. Just typing in your birth date and year in Google can turn up some truly interesting things such as this WW II letter written by Rae Patheal to his mother.

If you do this, let me know and I'll give a shout out to your blog.


kcm said...

Hi Jamie ... Been there, done that ... you'll find my version on my Zen Mischief weblog. Very interesting to do; thanks! Keith

Hagar's Daughter said...

I'm going to do this.

carol g said...

Thursday birth day here also - I have been so far already (*sigh*). Cancer sign with a birthstone of Ruby (which will open my heart to love... been there done that too many times). Native American Zodiac... omg, the woodpecker (no comments, please). And my plant is the wild rose. My birth tree is the stately elm. On the surface, it seems I am a lot of contradictions...

I won't even go into what my name(s) reveal. Just as a hint... I have a birth name and an adoptive name and they also lead to a lot 'contradictions'... oh dear... no wonder I am so cornfused all the time...

Jamie said...


You sound positivally fascinating and mysterious. Blessed are they who run around in circles for they shall be known as big wheels. :-)

maryt/theteach said...

Jamie, I LOVE this!! I'm going to do it right now! (psst, I was born in May 1944) :) I'll be back to tell you when I've completed my post! :)

maryt/theteach said...

Okay, my Birthday meme post is done. Drop by and look. :)

Greyscale Territory said...

I discovered this challenge via Mary the Teach's blog! Love it!

Here is my response!

From the Birthday Calculator

This was so much fun! Thank you!

splummer said...

I love this post on info on your birthday. I found this over at The Teach's place. Here is my post and I linked this back to you.
Take Care!!


boliyou said...

fun meme! Thanks for sharing yours. if you'd like to see my version, it's here: http://www.endomental.com/2008/11/birthday-meme.html