13 June 2010

Faces Of Eve

Being five people could cure my life,
or maybe more just to be sure of
doing what I enjoy (I gave up wife).

The lovers of theater and dance
Spend too much time on chance
streets from here to there

The one who earns a living
is feeling stressed, but
children are grown and blessed.

So Mom might make the meeting hall
If the grandchildren don't call
or the dishes don't need to be done.

We are busy people except for
the TV and paper addicts
but they don't like crowds or critics.

The gypsy is never at home, and
her driver's license is out of date.
Either age or address always runs late.

Unless we hold the meeting at
some uncommitted time, we might
Never get the connection tight.

Which is fine with the poet who prefers to be alone
even though the lover wants some nice man around.


Travis Cody said...

I enjoyed that.

LasdySarah said...

night blooming jasmine on a morning glory schedual, no wonder I'm a blooming idiot, I'm a product of the flower generation...the gypsy is never home...so true

Mimi Lenox said...

Lovely and true.