21 June 2010

Split Personality

All of my life I have felt divided between the laid back, live for today element of the West Coast and a sort of East Coast or European idea of theater and history. When you add in a love of words, word play, and puns what you get is "Trees Ala West Coast" and the great Peter Allen Song, "Bi-Coastal" that deals with other forms of confusion.

Trees Ala West Coast

California where palm grows beside maple
and you don't have to name bride or maid
you just get laid under one or the other
before taking flight east to visit the
Big Apple and grapple with all those
personalites before returning to
redwood keeping orange company
and a beech beside fig that grows near beach.
Then you ask when you can go to
see another Broadway play then revert
to a pomegranate that must exert
its right to be here in unednding sun,
blending pine and oak amid folk who
are used to such things as rowan and aspen
and never ask when something will grow.
Of course it will as long as there is water
for pine near winesap, which is as close
as we get to a big apple. But there are
always grapefruit and dates of
one kind or another.


Travis Cody said...


Jamie said...

Just playing around with sound and the meaning of words.

Mimi Lenox said...

The rhythm is quite remarkable!