08 June 2010


For those looking at the mess in the Gulf who would like to find EASY ways to conserve energy, get off the oil teat and generally live a cleaner and healther life, you might want to check out The Lazy Environmentalist on Sundance Channel or on his blog.  The tips range from the immediate easy steps to more long range projects.  The main message is that is we all do a little bit, it will reduce man's impact on the globe in a mjaor way.


Travis Cody said...

We finally weaned ourselves off bottled water. We still bottle it, but now we filter it from our tap with a Britta pitcher system.

Our next steps are to be aware of petroleum based products that we use without thinking about it.

Mimi Lenox said...

I need to do better in this regard. And I want the name and phone number of that man carrying the surfboard.