16 June 2010

How You Can Help


Help Audubon Make A Difference
The Gulf oil spill is an unprecedented catastrophe for people and nature of the region. Audubon mobilized quickly to help birds like this pelican and for the environment it shares with us as soon as the toxic slick began spreading toward vulnerable wildlife and habitats. Now, as the crisis continues to deepen, we need your help. Our Volunteer Response Center is already in touch with more than 20,000 people eager to help with efforts from Florida to Texas. Your support will help fund Audubon’s work to aid birds already suffering the oil’s deadly effects; to protect now-unharmed wildlife in the path of spill, and to meet the long-term challenge of restoring a devastated Gulf of Mexico ecosystem.
Donation Page - Gifts start at $5.00


Keyboard Jockey said...

Jamie, I added your link as an Update to my post under, How You Can Help.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

heartbroken over the losses being suffered by people and wildlife

Mimi Lenox said...

It gets worse everyday. Sickening.