26 June 2010



There isn't anywhere I wouldn't go
with one suitcase and a smile
Everything can be left behind
If you don't mind those who can't
understand that where can be
more important than when.

Airports are fun enroute to new
Adventures where you are sure
something waits beyond passports
and exit gates, You can pursue
changes to rearrange your life
Into something different.

Two years in one place is too long
Let me be somewhere I've never seen
wage a war against boredom. 
Pack a case leave home, kiss old loves
Goodbye in order to claim
Houses never seen before

Outside the door.  Grab a cab
Off to somewhere never known
A where ... there over the rise
A place my eyes have never seen
The past gone and clean, wiped away
by where I've never been.

I'll be back.  I promise. 
When least expected I'll return. 
The earth is round you know
I'll come again , memories stowed away.
 But it may be when you no longer want me around
So I'll just leave town.


Linda said...

Very nice - combining your love of poetry with your love of travel! Lately I've wished that I had the means to just be a gypsy and explore the world rather than simply exist in it. Alas, I still can't seem to buy that winning Powerball ticket!

Mimi Lenox said...

My favorite line: "the earth is round you know"
Endless possibilities.


Travis Cody said...

Strong words.