17 September 2010

5 On Friday - The Babs Edition

This is the 33rd edition of The 5 on Friday meme where Travis at Trav's Thoughts invites everyone to lay down a short set of music that takes their fancies. Create your own list and then share with others on Trav's Thoughts.

This time I went for Barbra Streisand but some of her less familiar songs.

As If We Never Said Goodbye - This one is from Sunset Boulevard.  She might have been hoping there was a movie role around the corner.

Stony End - She was only in her 20s but had already won a Tony, a Grammy, an Emmy and an Oscar.  This song was to prove she could still rock.

Wild Is The Wind - Theme song from a wonderful Soap Opera of a 1950s era motion picture
of the same name.

And we finish off with a great song from "Funny Lady". Love the hair, love the dress, love the pearls, love the style, love the lyrics ... Even the rich and famous can't get everything they want and when you've been dumped, you might as well go out in style!!!!!  How Lucky Can You Get

And just for the love of a silly witty lyric: Queen Bee sung by The Oreos in A Star Is Born


Linda said...

Looks like we both opted for divas this week!

I'm with Vinnie - sometimes I love Barbara and other times I'd like to strangle her but I've never quite figured out why!

Jamie said...


There are times when she emotes and it works and there are other times when it just sounds phony. When you have a voice like that, it is easy to play with it. That doesn't always work.

Travis Cody said...

I understand your comment perfectly about playing with the voice and sometimes it doesn't work. One of the things I've always loved about Barbra is that her vocals are as much an illustration of the mood as her acting ability or the staged scene. But there are times when it just comes across as arrogant.

My all time favorite illustration of it working to perfection is My Man at the end of Funny Girl.