12 September 2010

Big Red - The Horse God Built

We all know my ongoing obsession with everything equine.  I only got to see Secretariat run live once plus some of the big races on television where you couldn't see the color as that incredibly strong redhead cleaned up the track leaving the other so called thoroughbreds in his dust.

Now Disney has done the story of his life and it will be in theaters on October 8.

His record time for the Kentucky Derby still stands after 37 years. Then he won the Preakness before going on to become a legend. For the 1973 Belmont, people suspect there may have been other horses in the race, but you sure couldn't prove it by the finish line pictures.

The full story of his life was told in the book: Secretariat, The Horse That God Built. Now he comes to the screen. So go watch a miracle.


Travis Cody said...

They could have just left the title of the film at Secretariat. Or if they had to append a sub-title, how about "Nature's Perfect Red"?

carol g said...

It is on my "TO SEE" list!!

This Eclectic Life said...

It's on my list of things to do. When I saw that it was coming out, I immediately thought of you. Wish I could join you to watch it and hear you tell a tale or two about actually seeing him!