23 September 2010

Separated By A Common Language

Oxford English Dictionary

One of my favorite songs in "My Fair Lady" is "Why Can't The English", particularly the line, "There are places where it completely disappears.  In America they haven't spoken it in years."  Well that charge can go both ways given that English is a very expressive language and each area where it is spoken often has its own dialect and slang.  The news that there may never again be a printing of the OED has sent me into a blue funk.

Listed below are ten commonly used slang words from either Britain or Australia.  Don't cheat by surfing for the answers until you have had a go at the quiz.  Answers will be provided in the next couple of days

  1. Porkies
  2. Mahatma
  3. Half-Inch
  4. Ruby
  5. Joanna
  6. Yakka
  7. Troppo
  8. Buckley's
  9. Kangaroos loose in the top paddock
  10. Galah
Feel free to guess in the comment section.

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