25 September 2010

Another Word For It

Here are the answers to the slang quiz:

Porkies - Lies - (Rhyming slang from Pork Pies)

Mahatma - Brandy - (Rhyming slang from Ghandi)

Half-Inch - Steal - (Rhyming from "pinch")

Ruby - Curry -(Really out there rhyming slang from Ruby Murray a singer popular in the 1950s)

Joanna - Piano

Yakka  - Work

Troppo - tropical madness; lost the veneer of civilisation after spending too long in the tropics.

Buckley's - Little to no Chance of happening as in "New Zealand stands Buckley's of beating Australia at football"

Kangaroos loose in the top paddock - Intellectually inadequate


Travis Cody said...

Seems like one would have to be completely immersed in the culture to understand any of those.

Jamie said...

That's what makes guessing fun. We could even invent funny definitions that were totally wrong but make you laugh.