25 September 2010

It's All BB's Fault

I probably should have named her Lucille.  For Christmas her father bought me a dress like the one below only in champagne and gold.  I wore that dress on New Year's Eve to a party where the headliner was B B King.  A well played guitar and too much champagne can make you feel very affectionate. We both took BB's instructions to "Rock Me Baby" a little too literally.  We named her Lanisa.  Tomorrow is her special day.  Happy Birthday honey.


Travis Cody said...

I love that picture at the top.

Happy Birthday to Lanisa!

Mike Golch said...

Oh well going overboard can be a good thing especially when it bring a grreat gift such as Lanisa,Happy Birthday to you!!

Linda said...

Blame it on the blues! Or was it the champagne and gold?

Happy birthday to Lanisa and I think it's quite special that you know exactly when and why she was conceived!