25 March 2011

5 On Friday - 1983 Motown 25th Anniversary

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On March 25, 1983 there was a television special celebrating the 25th anniversary of Motown.  It brought together many of the Motown stars singing some of their biggest hits and showcased the first time Michael Jackson "moonwalked", not to mention Diana Ross and the other supremes in a shoving match deleted from the taped show.

Motown 25 - Jackson Five Medley

Motown 25 - Michael Jackson - Billie Jean

Motown 25 - Four Tops Vs. Temptations

Motown 25 - Diana Ross - Supremes Medley

And then on March 25, 2001 - Along came Bjork attending the Oscars - The swan made such an impression that few remember that her nominated "Best Song" was from her musical "Dancer In The Dark".


Linda said...

Ah yes, the Motown Sound - love it! I have always enjoyed bands that can harmonize together and The Temptations have always been one of the best!

Some darned fine music has come out of Motown - darned fine!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Motown rules... Bjork, not so much for me

Durward Discussion said...

Well it was sort of Bjork's "Swan Song". She pretty well disappeared after this movie sank into the dust bin of cinematic history.

Travis Cody said...

I remember watching that special and appreciating that the Jackson 5 actually performed live, but then wondering why MJ lip synced his solo performance.

But that aside, that was a special show.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Travis - because he was unveiling the Moonwalk for all the world to see and needed his stamina for the dancing.

My high school boyfriend and I watched that special together in his family's TV room, and we were both freaked out when Michael Jackson moonwalked that first time. And trust me - my boyfriend was a cool cat musician who did not easily freak out.

Jamie - LOVED the Temptations/Four Tops showdown!